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Potter Class:

19/10/20– Reminders for the week.

  • Virtual parent consultations this week. 10 minutes is a short time, so please make note of any questions so we can get stuck in promptly. I will be giving you an update on how your child has settled into school life; sharing their successes and next steps.
  • We are very proud to announce we have achieved the Best Attendance Award this term. As a reward we are going to have a Spooky Party on Friday afternoon. (23rd October).

Your child can come to school in dressing up clothes for the day. (This can be Halloween themed if you wish)

No masks or face paints please. We will provide everything else.


  • PE on Monday and THURSDAY
  • Water bottles will stay in class Monday to Friday (we will refresh daily) and be sent home Friday.
  • If you send in a snack, please ensure it is either a fruit, vegetable or savoury crackers/ cheese.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED):

We will be talking about friends this week and thinking about how Mog treats her friends in the story we are focusing on this week.


Communication and Language (CL):

We will be taking on the role of witches and wizards and conjuring up our own spells this week.


Physical Development (PD):

In P.E we will be continuing our development to be able to stop and catch a small ball. We will also be continuing ‘Squiggle whilst you W iggle’ this week with a monster mash theme!


Literacy (L)

We will be recapping all the sounds we have learnt so far this term and having a go at building CV (consonant – vowel) words eg in, at, is. We will be reading ‘Meg and Mog’ books this week. We will be talking about ingredients in potions and have a go at matching the initial sounds to words.


Maths (N/ S, S & M):

We will be sorting objects by weight, length and capacity. We will be using the language: heaviest, lightest, longest, shortest, full, half full and empty.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUTW):

We will be observing changes to ingredients when making ‘potions’.


Expressive Art and Design (EAAD):

We will be making our own magic wands this week.


Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Our main aim for the beginning of term is to encourage, nurture and lead every individual child’s ‘Sandhurst’ journey through play.




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