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Potter Class, This Week’s Learning.

19/04/21– Reminders for the week.

  • Welcome back from your Easter Break! I hope you have all had a wonderful time.
  • PE- please wear PE kit to school on Monday and Friday.
  • Water bottles will stay in class Monday to Friday (we will refresh daily) and be sent home Friday.
  • If you send in a snack, please ensure it is either a fruit or vegetable.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED):

This week we will be focusing on how we look after pets.


Communication and Language (CL):

We will be talking about what pet would like if we can have anything in the world.


Physical Development (PD):

Mr Digby will be teaching P.E on Monday and Friday. We will be carrying out Multi-Skills activities which will develop balance and co-ordination skills.

We will continue with dough disco to exercise or writing muscles.

We will also be building up to completing the daily mile (we will start with less and build towards a mile!)


Literacy (L)

In our streamed phonics groups, we will continue to focus on segmenting and blending sounds to read words and for some children, sentences.

In English this week we will reading ‘I want a pet’ by Lauren Child. We will be writing about the pets that the girl is not allowed in the story and the one pet we would love if we were allowed anything in the world.


Maths (N/ S, S & M):

We will be focusing on the numbers 11, 12 and 13. We will be making the amounts in different ways using objects and practicing counting carefully using 1:1 correspondence and writing the numerals.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUTW):

We will be talking about our own pets and the school pet (Dec the guinea pig). We will be considering what they need to live a healthy and happy life.


Expressive Art and Design (EAAD):

We will be looking at the patterns and tones of the animals in the story we are reading this week and making our own pictures of them.



Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Our main aim for the beginning of term is to encourage, nurture and lead every individual child’s ‘Sandhurst’ journey through play.




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