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Churchill Class: This week

16.03.20: Reminders for the week ahead

Forest School is on Wednesday: please ensure your child has suitable clothing and footwear (It is very muddy at present).
Wednesday 25th March is our last Forest School group which means, as usual, we will be holding our parent Forest School lunch. A letter will be sent with more information this week.

PE on Monday and Thursday. Please make sure PE kit is in school.
Weeks 4 – 6 Thursday afternoon carousel lessons: PE and music

Please would you help your child become fluent with their times tables? Learning multiplication and memorising the times tables are building blocks for other maths topics taught in school: division, long multiplication, fractions and algebra. Through knowing their times tables, children will start to notice patterns and will then be able to apply this knowledge to more advanced work. As an example, knowing that 2 x 3 = 6 will help children understand that 20 x 30 = 600, and 200 x 300 = 60,000. Being able to recognise these connections will, in turn, speed up their thinking processes and mental arithmetic.

If your child is experiencing problems, or has difficulty fitting in homework, please encourage them to attend my Tuesday lunchtime homework club. They will benefit from having support with their homework and completing it before the deadline, leaving them only times tables and spelling to complete at home. It has been lovely to see more attend homework club this week.

This week’s learning

In English, we will continue reading ‘Wolf Brother’ and develop our reading and comprehension skills.

In GPS, we will revise GPS using SAT’s style questions.

In maths, we will complete our learning about shape and angles: measure with a protector, draw shapes and nets.

In science, we will continue investigating states of matter by making slime.

In topic, we will continue our research project on Stonehenge.

In RE, we will continue our work on ‘The Crucifixion’.

In Music, we will listen to and appraise gospel-based songs: Lean on me by Bill Withers and He still loves me by Walter Williams and Beyoncé.

In PE with Mr Digby, on Thursday, we will continue our ‘Tag Rugby’ training.

Year 6 Homework expectations and information

Year 6 weekly homework tasks (Set on Monday, due on the following Monday)
• 1 x GPS 10 minute SATs buster test
• 1 x Maths 10 minute SATs buster test
• Learn all spellings for test on Monday and write a minimum of 5 x spelling sentences in homework books
• Learn weekly times table for test on Monday

Homework dates

• First homework will be due on Monday 13th January
• First spelling and times table test will take place on Monday 13th January
• Homework and spellings continue during half term but not during Christmas, Easter and summer holidays
• Final homework, spelling and times table test for term 2 will be due Monday 23rd March

Children will be rewarded with effort dojos for their homework
• Excellent 5DJ
• Very Good 3DJ
• Good 2DJ
Spelling test and times table test Dojos
• Full marks 3DJ
• One incorrect 2DJ
• Two incorrect 1DJ

Homework Club

If your child requires support with their homework, or prefers to complete it at school, Mrs Pask will run a homework club on a Tuesday lunchtime.

If your child has not completed their homework/attempted to learn their spellings & times tables, without valid reason or explanation from home, your child must complete their homework during 20/20 time on a Friday.

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