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Potter Class, This Week’s Learning.


14/12/20– Reminders for the week.

  • Tuesday: Christmas dinner day so ALL pupils can wear a Christmas Jumper today (School clothes on the bottom half please).
  • Potters Christmas Party is on Wednesday this week. Pupils can wear ‘party’ clothes to school, but please bare in mind they need to be suitable to wear all day (warmth and not ‘best’ clothes, easy access for toileting)
  • Thursday afternoon we will be watching a live stream of the panto ‘Cinderella’.
  • PE on Monday and Thursday
  • Water bottles will stay in class Monday to Friday (we will refresh daily) and be sent home Friday.
  • If you send in a snack, please ensure it is either a fruit or vegetable (thank you so much to everyone for adapting to this change last week!)


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED):

We will be encouraging turn taking and collaboration through games this week.


Communication and Language (CL):

All of our Christmas themed role play areas have proved popular with the children, using their imagination to recreate their own experiences of Christmas at home.


Physical Development (PD):

In P.E we will be developing our coordination skills by travelling with a ball. We will also be strengthening our hand muscles during dough disco.


Literacy (L)

In Phonics we will be recapping all the sounds we have learnt so far this term and having a go at building CV (consonant – vowel) and CVC (consonant- vowel- consonant) words. We will introduce the sounds ‘z’ zip, ‘ch’ and ‘qu’ queen.

A recommended game to play to support letter formation: Sky Writer – mobile friendly (ictgames.com)  – Please select CURSIVE.

A great reading exercise: Letters & Sounds Bingo (ictgames.com)  click on any of the phase 2 options.


We will be reading various Christmas stories this week and in English we will be following instructions when crafting.


Maths (N/ S, S & M):

We will be practicing counting backwards using Christmas stories that ‘count down.’

Here is a nice visual representation of finding one less. Five Little Speckled Frogs (ictgames.com)


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUTW):

We will be familiarising ourselves with the Nativity story.


Expressive Art and Design (EAAD):

We will be beginning our Christmas crafting; making Christmas cards.



Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Our main aim for the beginning of term is to encourage, nurture and lead every individual child’s ‘Sandhurst’ journey through play.




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