Week Beginning 24.09.18

Shakespeare Class: This week’s learning

24.09.18: Reminders for the week ahead

  • PE on Monday and Thursday (Please make sure PE kit is in school)
  • Homework, spelling test and times table test on Wednesday. This week we will focus on the six times table.


This week’s learning


In Maths we will be adding and subtracting numbers mentally.


In English, we will be continuing with the next chapters of Journey to the River Sea. We will be making predictions and answering comprehension questions based on the text and we will be writing descriptions of settings based on the story.


In GPS, we will have a spelling focus on words with the ‘i‘ sound spelt as ‘y’, for example ‘apply’. We will also be editing sentences with a focus on correct use of punctuation and capital letters.


In Science, we will be investigating shadows.


In Topic, we will be learning about the Mayan number system.


In RE, we will be comparing music styles in different religions.


In Music, we will continue to recognise the style indicators of Michael Jackson’s music​


In French, we will be integrating vocabulary for days of the week with our weather vocabulary.


In Art, we will be making fund raising Christmas Cards that will be sent home to give families the opportunity to purchase them.


In PHSE, we will be thinking about times when we might feel uncomfortable and ways of making ourselves feel better.


In Computing, we will continue to work on our Mayan animation


In PE, we will continue to learn our Mayan dance. In tag rugby, we will focus on travelling with the ball.


Year 5 weekly homework tasks (Set on Friday, due in on the following Wednesday).

  • At least five spelling sentences
  • 1 page of Schofield and Sims Maths book
  • 1 x Reading comprehension
  • Learn spellings
  • Learn weekly times table
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