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Pankhurst Class: This week’s learning

04.02.19: Reminders for the week ahead:

• Our class assembly is on Friday at 9am.

This week’s learning

In Maths, our lessons this week will focus on equivalent fractions.

In English, we will continue studying Romeo and Juliet, and we will be writing newsletter reports about the Killings in Verona.

In Topic, we will be learning about King Henry VIII and his six wives.

In French, we will continue with our Tudor French unit. We will listen attentively to key facts in Tudor history told in French

In Music, we will continue our guitar lesson with Mr Jackson from Kent Music School. We also practice playing the D note in our recorder lessons with Mrs Bromfield.

In RE, we will be learning about the key beliefs in Christianity. We will also work in groups to act out the Ten Commandments.

In PE, we will be learning how to correctly use the bounce pass in Netball.

In Science, we will be learning about acids and alkalis. We will conduct an experiment to test a variety of substances to see whether they are acids of alkalis.

Year 4 weekly homework tasks (Set on Friday, due on the following Wednesday).
• 1 x page of Maths book
• Learn weekly times tables.
• Learn spellings and write 5 spelling sentences.

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