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Potter Class: This week’s learning

15.10.18 – Reminders for the week.


    • PE on Tuesday and Wednesday (Please make sure PE kit is in school).
    • Homework needs to be handed in by Wednesday.
    • Spelling test will take place on Wednesday.
    • Please book parent consultation appointments online (As per the email) as they are the first week we get back after half term.
  • We break up for half term Friday. Please note the week we return there is an inset day on the Monday. (29th October)



This Weeks Learning:

In Maths we will be consolidating recognition of numerals and Big Potters will be matching the number name.


In English will be finding out facts about space on the internet. Big Potters will make a fact file about animals that have gone into space. Little potters will be sorting animals that have and haven’t been into space.


Big Potters:

In Science we will be finding out about the importance of recycling plastic and the effect it is having on our environment.


In Topic we will be evaluating how the ‘space race’ was such a significant event and how it has shaped the future for space travel.


In RE we will be thinking about the message in the story ‘The Boy Who Threw Stones at Trees’. We will be generating thoughts on why we should look after trees in our environment.


In Art we will be using a range of tools to paint Autumn tree pictures. (Inc Little Potters)


In PHSE children will work together to think of how we can make our classroom a safe place to learn.


In PE Mr Digby will be recapping rolls, jumps, balance and body shapes. We will be linking ideas from previous weeks and show our sequence to the class.  (INC Little Potters)

On Wednesday with Miss Weeks children will continue to choose, use and vary simple tactics in team games.


In Computing pupils will be using all the skills they have learnt this term to make 2D shape pictures.


In Music pupils will be listening to the South African song ‘Hlokoloza’. The children will be using instruments to perform the final song of this unit.


Little Potters:

We will be consolidating the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m, g, o, and c. Our new sounds this week will be k, u, b and f.

Please support our Maths theme at home this week; identifying numbers 1-10 around your home and when you are out and about. You could have a go at writing the numbers too. Or make your own number line which you can muddle the sequence of and the children have to order the numbers.



BIG Potter weekly homework tasks (Set on Friday, due on the following Wednesday):
• 1 x page of maths book
• X 1 Spelling sentences
• Daily reading
• Learn spellings

LITTLE Potter home tasks
Daily reading

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