Week Beginning 14.10.19

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Churchill Class: This week

14.10.19: Reminders for the week ahead: assessment and writing week

• Homework due in and spelling and times table test on Monday.
• This week is assessment week: children will be completing assessments in reading, GPS, maths, arithmetic and writing, over the course of the week.
• This week is also writing week. We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
• We will write a newspaper report about the Apollo 11 moon landing and complete a reading comprehension about this.
• This week, we will also catch up with our artwork for this term, creating wildfire art using wet and dry media.
• PE will be on TUESDAY for this week – we will have our final cross-country lesson.
• Trainers in school every day for mile a day please.
• On Thursday afternoon, as a treat for such an incredible first term as year 6 and a thank you for all of their hard work around the school, we will have a movie afternoon (on our brand-new board in our classroom)! If you have any objections to your child watching a P.G. please let Mrs Saunders know.

Year 6 Homework expectations and information

Year 6 weekly homework tasks (Set on Monday, due on the following Monday)
• 1 x GPS 10 minute SATs buster test
• 1 x Maths 10 minute SATs buster test
• Learn all spellings for test on Monday and write a minimum of 5 x spelling sentences in homework books
• Learn weekly times table for test on Monday

Homework dates

• First homework will be set on Monday 9th September due on Monday 16th September
• First spellings and times table will be sent home on Monday 9th October
• First spelling and times table test will take place on Monday 16th September
• Homework and spellings continue during half term but not during Christmas, Easter and summer holidays
• Final homework, spelling and times table test for term 2 will be due Monday 9th December

Children will be rewarded with effort dojos for their homework
• Excellent 5DJ
• Very Good 3DJ
• Good 2DJ
Spelling test and times table test Dojos
• Full marks 3DJ
• One incorrect 2DJ
• Two incorrect 1DJ

Homework Club

If your child requires support with their homework, or prefers to complete it at school, Mrs Saunders will run a homework club on a Tuesday lunchtime.

If your child has not completed their homework/attempted to learn their spellings & times tables, without valid reason or explanation from home, your child must complete their homework during 20/20 time on a Friday.

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