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Darwin Class: This week’s learning

4.02.19: Reminders for the week ahead:

• Forest School on Wednesday – am group to wear forest school clothes to school and remember to bring school uniform to change into.
Pm to wear school clothes to school and bring forest school clothes to change into.
• Homework, spelling test and times table test on Wednesday
• PE on Friday (Please make sure PE kit is in school)
• Show and Tell and Golden Time on Friday so don’t forget to bring things in for both.
• We are on week 3 of our 3 week cycle of music and computing on our Thursday rotation afternoons.

This week’s learning:

In Maths, we will be completing our work on the bus stop method and will move on to looking at money. Adding and subtracting money and understanding change.

In English, we will be writing a diary entry as Mary Queen of Scots before she was executed.

In Science, we will continue to look at acids and alkali’s and learn about the pH scale.

In Topic, we will be learning about Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I.

In RE, we will continue our learning of Islam and look at their symbol.

In French, we continue our Animals topic.

In Music, we will be learning Ram Goat Liver by Pluto Shervington and Our Day Will Come by Amy Winehouse

In Computing, we will be thinking continuing our learning about making web pages.

In PSHE, we will continue our bullying topic.

In PE, we will continue our learning of how to play Netball.

Year 3 weekly homework tasks (Set on Friday, due on the following Wednesday):

• Learn spellings
• At least 5 spelling sentences
• 1 x section of Scofield and Simms maths workbook
• Practice times table

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