Week Beginning 07.05.18

We will need one box per child next Monday in Science (the size of a shoe or tissue box).Please send in by next Monday (14.05.18).
We would also appreciate any donations of tubes for our art lesson this Wednesday.

This Weeks Learning:
This week in the mornings Year 2 will be completing their SATs. Year 1s will join Big potters for their maths and English lessons.
In topic we will be learning how to identify places on a map using grid references.
In RE we will be learning what a Mezuzah is and why Jewish people have them in their home.
In Art we will be making our own welcome message scroll for our home. (Any cardboard tubes from home are welcome!)
In music we will continue studying our theme song ‘Your imagination’. We will create our own lyrics and/or a class melody to sing/play in the coda section.
In PHSE we will learn how to identify the emotions proud and jealous.
In computing we will be working on the Purple Mash programme 2go, using the arrow keys to complete an algorithm.
In PE we will be practicing track races in preparation for Sports day!

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